40 by 40

These are forty goals I hope to accomplish before I turn forty.  I don't know why I picked forty.  It's a good round number, I guess.  And it gives me several years to procrastinate - oops, I mean get busy!

1. have my own photography business
2. have a steady flow of portrait work
3. lose 20 pounds (again!)
4. exercise (or yoga) regularly
5. randomly (anonymously) pay for a stranger's meal at a restaurant
6. go camping with the girls
7. draw or paint portraits of the girls
8. get better about blogging  (starting over with this one)
<--- again="" do="" need="" p="" this="" to="">9. fly
10. watch a sunrise
11. find the perfect house and move in
12. swim with dolphins
13. save money regularly
14. another tattoo
15. send a message in a bottle
16. go to my 20th high school reunion
17. go for a leisurely walk in the rain
18. learn to play euchre
19. bury a time capsule with the kids
20. write a letter to my grandchildren
21. listen to my ipod from start to finish
22. learn how to take a compliment
23. return to siesta key
24. play in the mud
25. take a stained glass class
26. write something in wet cement
27. create a mentos and diet coke fountain
28. give blood
29. be a vegetarian for a week
30. watch an ocean sunset - suppress the urge to photograph it
31. eat a banana every day for breakfast for one month
32. go back to the gulf of mexico
33. go horseback riding again
34. conquer my fear of heights
35. have an in-home photography studio
36. eat cake by the ocean
37. visit the 9/11 memorial
38. leave a note in a library book
39. see a Broadway musical with K (on Broadway)
40. own a hot tub