A different kind of Christmas

Obviously, Christmas was bound to be a little different this year with Ex-Hubs not living with us anymore. It wasn't all that bad though. I'm so thankful that we are at a place where we can spend a day together with our kids and have a decent time. He came over for the morning gift-a-rama and even made us an old family favorite of tater-tot-casserole to enjoy this afternoon. He stayed for a movie and popcorn this evening and the girls appreciated the time as a family, I'm sure. It was a Merry Christmas, as far as it could go in our situation.

K and C were pleasantly surprised by what they found under the tree and I loved snapping a few of their expressions as they were unwrapped. Nothing tugs at my heart like true grins on those girls' faces...

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope yours was filled with true grins and warm hearts as well.

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