Twenty fifteen

Happy New Year! Here we are, almost a week into 2016 already. It's time for the annual year-in-review!

(Note: I had this long, elaborate post typed up about the ups and downs of the past year, but somehow it got lost in the great web-world and I don't have the energy to retype, so let's get down to the dirty highlights and lowlights...)

- K turned 12
- Hubby took a week in Florida with his dad for sunshine and fishing!
- C turned 9
- I turned 35 (gasp!)
- K fell even more in love with dance and started taking Jazz and Pre-Pointe too
- We took a quick family vacation to an indoor water park in Sandusky
- K passed me up in height over the summer!
- I took a trip to Myrtle Beach with my girlfriends again
- C had her growing rod surgery and first lengthening
- Hubby turned 37
- We had our first Christmas "sans Santa"

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