On Tuesday evenings, K has 2 dance classes with an hour break in between, so C and I stay in Springfield and kill time until she's done dancing the night away. Most weeks we join the group at my Grandma's house for their regular Tuesday dinner. It usually consists of me, C, my mom, 2 or 3 aunts, a possible uncle and my Grandma. We all squeeze in around the table and share stories, gossip, memories and food. It's lovely.

Me and Grandma - circa 1982

I love seeing them all regularly and keeping up with the goings-on in the family. I love that C is so unbelievably behaved and helpful while we are there. I love my Grandma's house, the history, the memories, the feeling it invokes. But most of all, I love seeing my Grandma. She's getting slower, growing shorter and hearing less and less, but she is always so sweet, concerned and funny. She adores our C-bug and thinks she is such a great helper and such a good girl (she sure has her fooled!) C really is another child while we are there though. It's incredible.

C and Grandma

15 of the 16 cousins. I'm in there somewhere - can you find me?

My Grandma has begun talking about moving out of her house and in with one of her daughters. It's such a strange thought for the family to not have that central meeting place where all 9 of her kids grew up and all 16 of us grandchildren spent endless hours over the years. That house has never belonged to another family. My Grandma and Grandpa built their home right before my mom was born in 1956 and she's been there ever since. It holds remnants of memories from 50 year old craft projects hanging the basement to antique dressers packed full of who knows what to an attic-turned-bedrooms where my mother slept and played and studied as a child. It will be hard for all of us to see it go, that's for sure.

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