C-bug the worrier

C has always had little quirks about her, and they seem to be changing and growing as she does. She's a worrier. And I don't mean "hmm, I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow and ruin our plans" - it's more like "Is it going to rain? Is it just rain or will there be thunder? If there's thunder there will probably be wind and scary noises and then that could mean a tornado! The weather says rain! I'm going to panic that our whole house is going to blow over..." We've dealt with this and her other irrational worries with seemingly irrational "fixes" that apparently make complete sense to her. For years, during a storm she would wear a camouflage hat and it would make her invisible to the storm, therefore she had nothing to worry about. Whatever works, right? Nowadays she's better, but still needs her favorite eagle stuffed animal if there's any sign of rain.

The newest fear that has randomly surfaced seems to be of the stove. Especially ME using the stove. Whenever I suggest cooking something, she wants to know if it gets cooked on the stove. If it does, she doesn't want it. It's like she doesn't trust me not to burn the house down or something! haha. It's funny but quite frustrating when I'm trying to get dinner made and she's standing there making sure I don't step more than 2 feet away from the cooktop. There's no going to the bathroom while waiting for water to boil, or turning around to wash a couple of dishes while the sauce simmers - God forbid! I have no idea what brought this sudden worry on. When I asked her, she claims it was when we were at a friend's house and they were cooking on a gas stove. She has a serious concern about open flames and they really freak her out. Except we have an electric stove, no flame, just a flat top range. So who knows.

The open flame seems to be a new development too. We were at Hot Head Burrito a while back and they were searing meat on the open grill behind the counter. It flared up when they flipped the meat and when I turned around, she was way over in the far corner of the restaurant, red faced with giant tears rolling down her cheeks. Poor thing!

I wish I knew why she's such a worry-wart. I feel like we give her an environment where she should always feel taken care of with no need to worry about such things, but I guess that's just her. She's such a special girl and is definitely her very own soul. Watching her blossom and grow into more of who she's going to be is such a blessing. She is my very own, one-and-only C-bug.

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