A winter reprieve

Yesterday I had a full day of a wedding consultation, grocery shopping, an engagement session, and dinner out with mom. Before I even hit the pillow last night I had decided that a full Sunday in bed and lounging around the house would be in order. I did manage to do a lot of sleeping and lounging, but a mid-afternoon fit of frustration from our lovely Miss C had me suggesting a walk in the fresh air for the two of us. We are in the midst of a weekend of unseasonably warm weather and why not take advantage of it to get a little exercise and create a distraction for the restless girl at the same time.

The walk was nice. We didn't even get out of our pajamas (sweat pants and a thermal shirt are acceptable in public, right?) We put in the full mile loop and I even talked her into a couple stents of slow jogging along the way. By the time we reached home again I had caught the fresh-air bug and a bit of his friend, the photo-bug as well. I grabbed my camera and headed to the back yard with my girl to capture what beauty lies in the dead of winter.

I think the cold is supposed to return with a vengeance before long, but the reprieve was enjoyable while it lasted.

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