I was thinking about this blog and how devastated I would be if for in some crazy turn of events Google's Blogger server were to ever die and I lost every one of these brilliant (ha!) musings that I've put so much thought into over the past 8 and a half years.  That got me thinking about the possibility of putting it all into book form (sort of like family yearbooks). And THAT got me thinking about just how many pages these books would need anyway! So, it was time to count.

Some years were very full of posts, pictures and memorable moments. Others - well, not so much. But what I did discover once I was all done counting (and recounting, and recounting, because I'm so easily distracted you see and kept losing my count) is that I had a grand total of THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY TWO posts (not counting this one).

Blows. My. Mind.

That's going to be one expensive book, I'm guessing. And more than one book, I'm willing to bet!

But I'm not planning on stopping by any means. I am so glad to have this resource to go back and relive memories of moments from years back with the girls were little and life was so very different. A few years from now I want to have the ability to go back and do the same with the moments from today. And so on I write! Not anything fancy or brilliant or very well written. Not enough to capture the hoards of readers that other bloggers seem to attract. Not even on a very regular basis. But for me and my family, as the the mood strikes me of course.

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