How fall fell

I've said it over and over - I've been away because I've been busy. BUSY. I don't think I ever knew the meaning of those words until recently! Basically, work is super busy all day long, plus we are in the process of remodeling a new space for the print shop and getting ready to move in (exciting!). I've also been blessed with a TON of photography work through the whole fall season. I couldn't be more thrilled with this, if only there were more hours in my days! After working long and tiring days at work, I come home and immediately hop back on the computer to edit, email, plan, order, edit some more until usually after midnight every night. On most weekend days I have at least one session and then work on social media previews, editing and such on those evenings. Whew! Oh, and I haven't forgotten (although they probably disagree) that I have a family and a home to take care of. And heck, why not, I decided to host my cousins' Christmas party this year!

All the while, my favorite season has come and gone. Every year I look forward to those couple of short weeks where the leaves are all colored and piling on ground, the lovely smell of rotting leaves and woodsmoke in the air -ahhhhh! I did take a few moments to try and soak it all in during a rare quiet moment (it's so darned fleeting anyway!)

And now the Christmas season is upon us! In a week or two the photo work will die down and I'll have time to snuggle under a blanket with my girls and watch a movie (no laptop anywhere in sight!) or go Christmas shopping with hubby or go to bed early and sleep in late or just sit and sip hot chocolate and stare into space. I'm so looking forward to that. Maybe I'll have some personal shots NOT taken with my phone to share. I may even give birth to a couple of new ideas that have been brewing way back there on the back burner for a while!

And whatever it is you choose to celebrate, I hope your December prooves to be magical!

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