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Two weeks ago, we packed up and headed to the Ronald McDonald House to spend the night before C's big growing rod surgery. It was a restless night for all of us, and we were up at 5am to head across the street to the hospital. C got a little upset in the waiting room, but she calmed down pretty quickly and before long we were taken to the back to wait some more, talk to the doctors, and wait some more. At 7:30 they came to take her back and the waterworks started up again...

Over the morning, we waited and waited some more. Others came to wait with us and help pass the time, and around 11:30 we were told they were closing. Soon the doctor came out to tell us everything went great! By 12:30 we were up in her room waiting for her to wake up and be brought up from recovery.

C woke up really groggy and in pain, but the first thing she asked for was her underwear back on! She had two IV lines, a catheter and was hooked up to a morphine pump with a button (which would become her best friend over the next few days). She had to stay flat on her back for the first 12 hours and would start being turned from side to back to other side every 4 hours after that for the rest of the next 3.5 days we were there. She did a lot of sleeping and eating ice chips for two days, and slowly moved up to liquids and more.

On day 2, the brace man came to her room and made a mold of her right there in the bed so he could make her new brace. She barely had to move, and he was wonderful with her as usual.

Day 3 the brace guy stopped by with her new brace so she could begin sitting up on the side of the bed. She was being really brave through the pain, but it was so, so hard to see her like that and not be able to do anything to fix it! It was especially hard for hubby to see her with that horrible post-back-surgery pain, since he's been there himself (and still is every day).

By day 4 she was sitting up with less pain and starting to walk some. The horrid catheter was removed and she ended the day with switching over completely from the IV pain meds to oral.

On day 5 she was finally released and we packed up all the wonderful gifts that her visitors and friends had sent and went home to our own lovely beds.

Since we've been home, she has steadily improved every single day. I went back to work a couple of days later and she and daddy have managed pretty well together at home for the past week. Her home tutor came on Tuesday for the first time and C did really great with her! She will be back on Friday and come every Monday and Friday until she returns to school in another week or two. She does so well with one-on-one tutoring that I think this could really be a good thing for her!

We have had so many friends, family, even complete strangers praying for and following along with C's progress through Facebook and GoFundMe. We have been absolutely blown away by the support from everyone - especially the support from people who barely know us! It takes an extraordinary kind of person to be a lifeline to a stranger.

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