Passed up

Something big happened in our family last month. I've been dreading this for a while, but it's no use. There is no fighting it. K is growing up... and up. She's passed up my measly 5'3.5" height and has actually taken to standing face to face with me, giving me a hug and calling me shorty. SHORTY! With anyone else, this wouldn't phase me - I'm pretty use to being height-deficient actually. But this is my BABY we're talking about! I'm hoping she only has an inch or so still to grow. I don't know how I'll handle her towering over me as I attempt to show her who's boss around these parts! :/

On the plus side, we are officially wearing the same shoe size now! I steal hers, she steals mine, but mostly, I steal hers :) :) Hey, maybe she'll grow another inch in the toes too and I'll get her hand-me-downs!

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