Maui Sands

Things are really tight this year, and with C's upcoming surgery we decided it just wouldn't make sense to take a real vacation this summer. So I found a Groupon for an indoor water park in Sandusky and we did a weekend.

Honestly, we weren't too impressed with the hotel its self, but the water park was pretty nice. The hotel wasn't AWFUL, but it just wasn't extremely clean, the vending and ice machines were broken, the arcade games stole our money and we had to pay like $30 for breakfast. But the room had potential with a king size bed for us and the girls each had their own set up bunkbeds in s separate room. The game room was huge and there were pool tables too where we gave the girls their first lesson in playing. The water slides were impressive and I actually joined the girls in running up the stairs repeatedly to slip and slide down over and over. Fun!
(please excuse the ugly cellphone pictures)

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