So, it's July. My self-proclaimed project month has begun! I'm not kidding myself that I'll stick to all of these like glue through the whole month, but who knows. I may surprise us both!

Of course, there's a photo project :) I've got to keep those juices flowing darnit!

Today's assignment is self-portrait. Ick. So far I've taken a few iphone pics of myself pumping gas. Maybe I'll try to get more creative this evening at home. I should be able to stick to this one - I really do enjoy my photo projects (when I remember to do them, that is!)

Up next: 

My girls deserve a better mom. There, I said it. They are so big and growing so fast - I need to put more effort into the little moments and give them that childhood and those memories they'll remember and cherish. 

I have a beach trip planned with my girlfriends again at the end of August and I've GOT to get rid of some of this extra "fluff"... and soooooo:
I want to start getting some running in there again too!

Other "projects" I'll be working towards this month:

- Daily blogging
- More hubby time
- More doodle time
- Cook at home more

It's looking like my biggest obstacle along the way will be TIME. Step One: Get it all scheduled out! 

Are you working on any self improvement projects at the moment? Tell me!

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