Challenge update

Well, July 3rd just wrapped up and I have good and bad news.

Good: I am thoroughly enjoying my photo project and have even managed to take all shots so far with my Canon rather than my phone :)

Day 2 - What I wore today (fun new flippers!!)

Day 2 - Clouds

The mom project is going okay. Today was easy - three hugs each :) THAT I can handle!

The workout project, however, is a bust. I had the best intentions. I worked out with determination on day one - following my assignment to a T, including those dreaded 50 squats. BAD idea. The next day I woke up with noodle legs. They didn't hurt, they were just extremely weak! Going down stairs, they turned to complete jello. Then today the pain began. It HURTS to move my legs in any way. mean,  seriously. I can't even get off the toilet without squealing. Argh! Needless to say, I think I need to start this workout thing out a little slower. Once my legs feel a little better, I'm going to start walk/jogging again instead and see how that goes.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July (well, being after midnight now, I suppose it already is). I had today off work and we spent the day together as a family, running errands and vegging out watching a JAWS marathon. I had a family session at 5 and K came along to assist. It was on the beach at the reservoir, which I never think about for sessions because it seems dirty, but it's honestly pretty great (with the exception of being literally "beached" a couple of times without any ability to get myself up out of the sand!) I'll have to keep it in mind for sessions more.

I'm pretty excited that I've inspired a few facebook friends to join me in the photo challenge! I can't wait to see all their shots!!

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