My baby


I never in my life expected the challenge of raising a little girl like our C. She is a handful, to say the least. Between her physical problems and slew of behavioral ones, she is quite the complex creature. We deal with everything the best we can, and we are learning better techniques and strategies every day, but I'd be lying if I don't lie in bed at night worrying that we have no idea how to best care for her or give her all that life has to offer her.

Then, there are moments that she stuns us with an outpouring of the magical little person she is underneath all of those "problems".

Last evening, the girls and I went to watch (and photograph) my nephew's baseball game. C was on decent behavior, but we all know that can change in the drop of a hat. Sometime around the 4th inning, a little boy who was playing by the building decided to pull the fire alarm, sending automatic alarms and recorded instructions to "please exit the stadium in a calm and orderly fashion". C DOESN'T DO loud noises. Especially alarms or any sort of possibility of an emergency. Her anxiety immediately kicked in, but instead of freaking out, she stood up, plugged her ears, looked me in the eye and said "mom, I think I need to go to the car to calm down for a while", which we happily did.

It took the fire department about a half-hour to get there and figure out how to turn the alarm off. Meanwhile, we went and got some food. By the time we were finished eating, it was all clear for the game to start up again. As we sat back in our seats, C said, as mature as she could sound "I am so glad they could turn them off and we could come back and enjoy the game again". Then, at the sight of three firemen standing behind us a ways, she asked if she could go over and thank them. "Of course!" I said, and watched my baby hop up and run over to thank and give high-fives to the smiling firemen. It's moments like those that I see her true, wonderful self shining through all of those troubles that cloud my view too much of the time. She is a beautiful person.

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