A hard day

It was a rough one for our family. First of all, C was all out of sorts today and just all over the place emotionally... irate, rude, sweet, funny, sarcastic, screaming, crying, angry, happy, cuddly, lovey -- all in a matter of a couple hours. I think we have truly narrowed down these "bad days" to sugar consumption. As usual, I stopped at Tim Horton's for Timbits on our way to her Orthopedic appointment in Dublin this morning, and it was probably the kickstart of her attitude(s) for the day.

The worst part though, was what we learned at the Orthopedic appointment. This time, Dr. B wanted to do her X-ray without her brace (they do about every other appointment with and without it to see how it's progressing). Last time, with her brace on, she was sitting pretty at 48 degrees and hadn't really gotten any worse than the appointment 6 months prior. This time was a different story. With the brace off, she is 60 degrees. As soon as he said that, I knew it wasn't good. They'd always told us that anything over 50 degrees has them starting to look into surgery. The researcher that I am, I knew what was coming...

They want to do a major surgery and insert growth rods along both sides of her spine, anchored to her spine above and below the curve to try and pull the current curve into a straighter position. Then, every 6-8 months after that she will have to go back in for smaller surgeries to lengthen the rods about 1 cm each time to allow her to continue to grow in height. These surgeries will continue until she hits puberty and reaches her full height. Then once she's tall enough, they will go in and fuse her now-straighter spine in place. So basically, she's looking at two major surgeries and probably 6 or so smaller surgeries over the next few years.

The idea of this is basically scaring me to death. 

I had taken C to her appointment by myself this morning, so we scheduled a second consult to get all questions answered and go over everything with Hubby along on June 8th. That's also when we will schedule the surgery - probably September or so. For the initial surgery, she will be in the hospital for about 5 days and then be out of school for a total of about 4 weeks. They say they will arrange a tutor to come and bring her school work so she doesn't get too far behind. I can only imagine what that will be like considering how hard it is for her to keep up with school in a normal situation....

C seems okay about it. At first, I don't think she was really listening to the doctor, or the nurse who came in afterwards to go over everything. When I explained it to her again, it was like she was hearing it for the first time. However, she doesn't seem upset. She did admit to hubby that she's scared, but for the most part, she's excited about not having to wear her brace anymore, and the fact that when she wakes up from surgery, she's going to be taller and straighter right away!

Oh, and we haven't told her yet, but they are probably going to tell her "no more basketball" too. This is going to be flat-out awful.

Here she is today - no brace, 60 degree curve.

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