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I realized tonight that I don't think I ever got back around to talk about the results of C's evaluation by the Behavioral specialists. The good news is they were able to rule out the possibility of her being on the Autism spectrum. The bad news is that they diagnosed her with FIVE other disorders instead.

Her (behavioral) diagnoses are as follows:
- Anxiety Disorder
- Disruptive Behavior Disorder
- Borderline Intellectual Functioning
- Phonological Disorder

These fall on top of all her physical diagnoses as well.

We have started her back up on a regular dose of ADHD meds and they have really helped her a lot at school, according to her teachers. They seemed really pleased with the difference when we spoke at her parent-teacher conference a couple of weeks ago. The problem is, the meds have completely killed her appetite. The girl is simply never hungry - that is, until the meds wear off (late at night). She's losing weight at an alarming rate and I'm doing my best to sneak extra calories in wherever I can. It's frustrating because while every other parent in the world is doing their darndest to push the fruits and veges, that's all she wants to eat. Except I'm over here pushing the pudding and ice cream! I'm getting really close to calling the BH doc again and seeing about the possibility of putting her on something else that could help her get her appetite back. I can't even imagine trying to take her completely off her ADHD meds again after seeing how much they're helping her concentrate in school.

Too bad there's no pill for the disruptive behavior... while the ADHD meds do curve the behavior issues sometimes, just about every day we are dealing with several complete meltdowns about something as simple as a pair of socks or having to take a shower. She seriously turns into a 2 year old, tantruming and screaming at the top of her lungs. Only, unlike a 2 year old, she's big. And strong. And can be physically abusive without even knowing what she's doing. We are working on it though - finding out what works and doesn't. Most of the time, we just have to ride it out, because somewhere along the way, some unknown magical thing will flip that switch inside her just as fast as it did to start the "moments" (as we call them) and suddenly she'll be right as rain. Next step: find an awesome pediatric cognitive therapist in our area that takes our insurance....

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