Valentine's Day isn't a big deal for our family, but there are a few traditions we tend to stick to. This year was a little different because K is now too old for the ole Valentine classroom exchange (gasp!) So, she helped C and me work on a box for C and it turned out pretty cute. For the actual Valentine cards this year, I thought it would be a little silly to go and buy a pack when I work every day in a print shop and I'm fully capable of making some for her.

She and I went through a bunch of "free printables" online for ideas and she finally settled on these:

Easy enough! I sized them, printed them on cover stock and punched a hole in the corner. Then I took a trip to Walmart in search of some sort of sweet to give out with the cards (because, let's face it, it's ALL about the candy!) Since the majority of the card designs were about birds, I went looking for some egg-shaped candy to go with them. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything egg-ish (a shocker considering how early these stores usually start displaying Easter stuff), so I opted for gummy worms. Birds eat worms, so that works, huh?

After grabbing a few bags of sugary gummy worms, I needed little bags or something to separate them out in. I found a few different sizes, including ones that are meant for cake pops and even included ribbons in the cake/wedding decor aisle at Walmart. The size was perfect, and two packages were exactly the amount I needed.

They turned out pretty cute if I say so myself!

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