Imagine a glass with a few ugly large stones sitting in it. Piled in all the cracks between are hundreds of beautiful, perfect pearls. 2014 was like this... full of not-so-great big things, surrounded by a million lovely little things.

Hubby's worsening back problems and all that goes along with that - unhappiness, inability, depression, disappointment, uncertainty, and many other bad things nearly ripped us apart. In the end, we always turn to one another and stand together, usually one of us leaning on the other, but always together. There are a few other ugly stones in that glass, but they don't deserve recognition or remembering.

The pearls are moments of pure joy, and there are so many, many more of them! Hearing the girls giggling together in the next room, a stolen kiss in the kitchen, warm snuggles at the end of each day with C, moments of pride and surprise in seeing our children succeed in doing what they love,  watching K dance under the lights, C's first moments of realizing she can swim on her own, overcoming a fear, walking in the rain with a couple of good friends, lunches with mom, seeing my brother fall in love, puppy kisses, soft blankets, a million "I love you's"...

In 2014, I turned 34 and hubby 36.
K turned 11 and C turned 8.
We got another puppy.
We got a hot tub.
We got 5 behavioral diagnoses for C.
K began her dream of ballet.
We went to the Outer Banks, NC on a family vacation.
My photo biz continues to grow.
Hubby remains unable to work.
I started running. Then stopped. Then started up again. Then stopped again.
And so much more.

All in all, it wasn't too bad of a year. The pearls at least outnumber the stones ;)

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