Lightbulb! Resolution Number One

Life just keeps on keepin on in this little family. Work's been busy, the photo biz has been busy, K's been busy rehearsing for her (now FOUR) roles in the Nutcracker, and much more I can't think of at this very moment.

ALP really seems to be taking off lately and I've been spending every free moment either shooting, editing photos, working on marketing, shopping for props, watching videos on editing and sessions, and all that. It's so time consuming, and at times overwhelming, but I really do love it.

Thanksgiving was good. Watched Macy's Parade piled all together in the big bed. Ate too much turkey and too much pie. Got to hang out with mom, my baby bro and his girlfriend. Visited with my Grandma and the gang afterwards.

Saturday after, I went to visit my friend in the hospital and meet her perfect, brand new, cute as a button little girl and shot some sweet 1 day old photos for them while I was there.

I've realized while all of these things were happening that somewhere along these years, while I was busy photographing other people's milestones and moments, I have all but stopped capturing the moments of my own family. I still catch the occasional flurry of pics around the house with my iphone (mostly inspired by my nearly completed project 365), the moments captured have seriously diminished.

I am determined to change this! What kind of photographer would I be if I stopped doing it by inspiration and only did it for money?

This brings me to my New Years Resolution #1:

Get those moments frozen in time. My moments are just as fleeting at the clients' whom I'm trying to convince to let me capture theirs! I have a couple more resolutions brewing in my brain, but this is number one, and possibly the most important of them all.

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