Who I want to be...

Are any of us really living the life we want to live? I don't so much mean the house, job, car, even the people in our lives, but more so are any of us the person we wish to be. What are we striving for INSIDE? I know I'm not. A lot of that is due to a lack of TIME, but really, a little organization and motivation can get you a long way. That's why I'm writing it all down. This makes me accountable, you see? ;)

Who I want to be...

I want to be the mother that my kids adore and feel comfortable coming to in good times and in bad. I want them to look up to me and respect me for my morals and how I make other people feel around me.

I want to be the wife that he's excited to see when I walk in the door at the end of the day. I want to be the person that he knows will always be there for him, love him, forgive him, take care of him.

I want to make other people feel good about themselves. Not just the people I love or even like, but the people I pass in the grocery store parking lot. I want to smile at strangers and not be offended when they don't smile back.

I want to see the cup half-full (or more than half!) and have the ability to bring others to feel the same.

I want to make things for people and be that one lady that you know you'll get a card from on your birthday or Christmas or just because I know you like to get mail, even if we haven't talked in years.

I want to read books every night and get lost in the writer's imaginations, and share that love of reading with my girls.

I want to be patient and understanding. I want to show compassion and forgiveness, even to those who don't necessarily deserve it.

I want to be the kind of daughter, friend, sister, mother, cousin, wife that you all need and deserve.

I want to be better in so many ways.

Rather, I am short-tempered and too self-centered. I am sloppy and grudge-holding. I am inconsiderate and flat-out rude sometimes. I worry about everything, and too often the negativity creeps in and takes over. I'm too quick to react and not a patient person in any way.

BUT, please know that I STRIVE to be that person. More days than not, I fail. But I do try. And doesn't that count for something? I hope so.

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