Lately, I've had all these little snippits of inspiration for blogs sneaking up on me. And then by the time I've made it here, into the deepest hours of the evening after the house is quiet and I actually have time to think, they're gone. Just gone.

Tonight was one of those nights. I thought I had something. It was going to be good, too. But now here I sit. With just a bunch of random thoughts dog-paddling around in my head. I decided, however, that the randomness of my thoughts is the actual namesake of this blog, and why not embrace it. So, here are a few bits of random for you...

Our puppy, Emme is hilarious. Give her a treat of any sort and she will inevitable try to bury it. In our bed. Digging forever into the pile of comforter, looking for the perfect hiding spot to keep it from her big brother, Eli. Nevermind that the spot she always chooses happens to be the very spot he loves to sleep in.

I went on a little weekend with some girlfriends a couple of weekends ago and actually went hiking in the rain. It was kind of awesome! Cold, wet and awesome :) We always have fun when we're all together and seem to do things we wouldn't normally do -- like walk in a cold rain, climb to to the tip-top of a swaying fire watch tower, a ride on a downtown indoor carousel, a prance through a big ole thrift shop with books for a dime a piece, and a trail ride on the back of a horse named Twister!

 K got THREE parts in the Nutcracker and we're so proud of her! Only downside? Studio is located 30 minutes from home. She goes for rehearsals nearly every Saturday and Sunday, along with her regular ballet class there on Monday evenings. Our lives have been taken over! But she loves every bit of it and I'm sure it's going to be spectacular to see her in lights up on that big stage!

Speaking of K, she got her braces / expander on a couple of weeks ago. What fun that's been! (NOT) She's been seriously whiney, in pain, barely eating anything besides jello and pudding. The poor thing can't even speak clearly! We're looking at 15 months at least of this joy, so hopefully she will get use to it soon...

Hey, look! I actually tried a fun thing I pinned on Pinterest and it turned out cute! Hot glue crayons around the top of a white (I swear it was white when I bought it...) pumpkin and melt them with a hot hair dryer. Cute! Was just thinking today that I should try to actually DO more of the things I pin on Pinterest, so I've decided that it will be my next challenge. Do, create, cook, whatever at least 5 pins each month of next year. A friend at work said she'll challenge herself as well, so let's get creative and do it! :)

We had C's 6-month check up at the Orthopedic doctor and it went fairly well. Her curve is sitting steady at 46 degrees - no worse, no better, good news! Just keep doing what we're doing with the brace and pray she grows straighter over time. That, I can do. We have also gotten a lot more information on her Behavioral issues lately, but that's a post all in itsself for a different day.

Speaking of  Pinterest, the little board thing above our bed was an idea from there. I pretty much pointed to the picture and said "Hubby, go make me this... pretty please!" and he did. Love him! 

These girls of ours have such a love-hate relationship. Most days it seems more like hate-hate though. C wants to be just like her big sis, except also get her way all of the time. K wants her space and while she'll spend some time playing and entertaining her little sister, it always has to be on HER terms. As opposite as they are, these two definitely both got hubby and my stubborn streaks. 

More soon! I need to catch you up on C's diagnoses (yes, plural), and more craziness that's been happening, so stay tuned!

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