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Once again it's been a while, but I am still alive and well :) As usual, I want to start blogging more, and have been thinking about challenging myself to some sort of blogging schedule. I seem to do pretty well with these personal challenges (like Project365), so we shall see where this leads...

Today feels like fall, and I'm loving it. Snuggled in a hoodie under a cozy blanket, but the breeze is wafting in through the open window with they sounds of a soccer game at the school down the road and smells of someone's fireplace. Lovely.

Hubby's watching the OSU game and the girls are playing peacefully (for the moment). K will be off to cheer camp in a few, which will lead to C being all over me again. I love that girl, but she's been driving us all up the wall lately. She is so obstinate and whiney and irrational so much of the time anymore, none of us know what to do with her. But as always, with the drop of a hat, she can change face and be the sweetest, most caring girl you've ever met. You never know what you're gonna get. I do try to be mostly positive here in this space, but I feel it's time to be honest. This parenting thing is HARD, and most of the time I feel completely inadequate to mother these children. Like right now.

School is back in session and K is now in the Junior High - changing classes, dealing with a locker and such. It's amazing how quickly this has come! She's cheering for football again, still taking piano and has started ballet as well. She auditions tomorrow for a part in the Nutcracker production this Christmas, so wish her luck! C is still struggling in school - 3rd grade just seriously seems above her head. She seems to be doing a little better socially though, so that's a plus. We (finally) have an appointment this coming week with the Behavioralists again for the Autism spectrum screening. I really don't think this is the right direction to be looking, but it's worth ruling out.

ALP is doing pretty well, and I've been working on all new marketing material, so that's exciting for my little biz! Hubby has recently been accepted into Freemasonry and has joined the lodge here in town. I really think it will be a good thing for him - get him out and about, make new friends (brothers), etc. He needs some happiness in his life - the happier he is, the happier we all seem to be ;)

Here are some snippits of our summer. We'll chat again soon!

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