Let me tell you a story...

When I started working at my current job, I started spending my lunch hours lounging in my car in the park nearby. The place I usually parked was near the fishing pond, which was always teaming with a variety of ducks and geese. As fall came around and the weather started to get cooler, the majority of them left the park for warmer waters. After a while, the entire park was bare of birds... that is, with the exception of these guys:
Six white "Aflac" ducks and one with brown markings that is obviously a whole other breed. This intrigued me. Why were they still there, all alone? Why was this one different duck inseparable from these others like he's part of the family? When the fishing pond froze over, they moved to the moving river across the way. They never went far and I could ALWAYS spot them while driving through the park. I named this special "adopted" brother George. They would be swimming together or  sleeping piled up close to each other on the shoreline. It never failed.

I kept waiting for them to disappear, but they stuck it out through the whole extra-snowy winter, always by each other's sides. When it started to finally warm up in April or so and the fishing pond thawed back out, other ducks began to return full time. And just like that, all of the sudden, three of the six white ones took off from the group. Whether they left or just joined the larger groups, who knows, but one day it was just George and his three buddies.
By then, I had finally decided to do a little research to try and learn more about him. I had been referring to him as George all this time, but for all I knew it was a "Georgette"! I learned that he is an Indian Runner duck, and by the curly feather by his tail, I know he is indeed a guy. I still have no idea about the unusual bond between these four. You can always find them, always together, chasing off any other duck that dares to come near them. They have been truly entertaining and I hope they stick around for a lot longer!

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