It makes me really sad that my dad never got to meet my girls. It makes me especially sad that they never got the chance to know him. I was seventeen, a junior in high school when cancer took him from us. I have so many memories of him, both good and bad, but I honestly can't quite remember the bad ones as clearly anymore. Besides, the majority of those bad ones were truly him being a good dad rather than the meanie I thought he was at the time :)

He was caring and funny and smart. He was stubborn and had a temper that I definitely received honestly. The sound of his voice still sits in the back of my mind and a warm laugh that I couldn't help but laugh along with. He was an avid Reds, Browns and Dale Earnhardt fan. He hated cheese of any kind. He loved country music and Vince Gill. I never saw him (outside of a photo) without a full beard. He loved to save up for campers and boats and other fun ways for us to all spend time together as a family. He barely ever drank, and when he did it was one "Silver Bullet". He loved coaching and watching my brother play ball. On a quiet Saturday evening in the summer, we'd go over to the reservoir and sit on the hill by the ramp and watch the boats go in and out. He fixed cars (although you usually wanted to steer clear of him while he was) and bought us water lovers a pool, even though he probably only got in twice in all the years we had it. He barely ever wore shorts - I could probably count on one hand the number of times I saw his bare legs! lol

There are so many more memories I hold in my mind about my dad, yet so many more that I wish I could have... a walk down the aisle, his face while hold his grandchildren, hubby and he bonding over fishing and Nascar races. It would have been nice. I am grateful that he did meet hubby and watched us date for the first year and a half of our relationship. I wonder if he knew where it would lead.

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