Maybe should have realized...

Sometimes I like to go back and read my old blog posts. It's funny what I can learn about myself and my own past by reading my very own thoughts from a few years back. I ran across this one last night, and made a realization that maybe we should have realized something was up with C way back when she was a toddler. We thought it was "just a phase"... almost makes me laugh. More like "only the beginning".

And tonight I watched this movie. If there were any "superpower" I could choose to have, that would be it. Timetravel. The ability to go back and re-do all those little things you didn't do right the first time. To go back and notice the awesomeness all around us a little more each day. To appreciate every moment with the people I love before it's too late. Now THAT would be super.

But alas, I am a normal (ha!) person and have to learn from my mistakes with only the ability to change the way I handle similar situations in the future.

Currently, we are trying to learn how to best handle C's "outbursts" in public places. I'm on the fence. I don't want to feel like we need to pick up and leave a store or restaurant or church if she melts down simply to avoid some embarrassment. The world should have to suck it up and realize some children (and their parents) can't control their response to every situation. But on the other hand, should I be the considerate one and let the situation disrupt our every day, make only our lives more difficult and spare everyone around us from witnessing my 8 year old acting out like a 2 year old? I really don't know.

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