Crazy days


Here we are, finally almost time to take our blessed beach vacation! In preparation for the trip, we've all pretty much lost our minds. Especially me.

I always seem to take on too much:
At work, I have a giant list on my desk of things to do before I leave for vacation on Friday. However, the list appears to be growing over time rather than shrinking. Bleh!!

At (other) work, I have once again tackled a wedding and two other shoots in one weekend during a time when I really have about zero time to actually edit the photos... All were awesome, and I don't regret taking them on, but it would just be nice to not to have to sleep at all this week so I can get them done before we go. I HAVE to get the two regular shoots done by then... pray for me.

At home, there is yet another long list that appears to grow rather than shrink over time. I swear I have carried up and down 2 flights of stairs, washed, dried, hung and or folded at least a dozen loads of laundry in the past 3 days. I have to say it. This family has entirely too many clothes. NO ONE should have this many clothes! Of course I want to leave the house in decent shape so we can come home to a clean house, so somehow along the line I need to do that too. I've asked, begged, pleaded and cried to the girls and hubby for some help. I am only one person, afterall. Yet no one did a single thing today until I had a meltdown. We shall see how tomorrow goes. Definitely need some prayers on this one too please!

BUT, when I think that in one week I will be breathing in that salty air and feeling the sand between my toes, collecting shells with my girls and basking in the sunshine, I will plod on through this crazy week and try to keep my mind in tact as I go...

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