We're currently away. Away from home, the normal, the craziness of regular life. Away is nice.

Realizing that we can't leave it *all* behind stings a bit (such as hubby's constant pain, C's issues, K's attitude and my own problems with all of the above), but this time away together has been so worth it! We have a beautiful condo with a view of the Atlantic and also the Sound in the other direction. The sounds and smells of the sea waft in through our open windows, there's apparently permanent sand between our toes, and hubby has plans to wake up early for pier fishing while the girls and I sleep in and stroll down the beach to him later. Yes. This is nice.

We've done a lot of nothing. We did spend yesterday on the north part of the Outer Banks, visiting the Wright Brothers Memorial and going for an awesome open-air tour to see the wild Spanish Mustangs that roam up there. We even saw a large pod of dolphins just off the coast! But we've spent the majority of the time swimming, sleeping, eating and just dozing on the beach.

We still have two more days before we need to head back to reality, and I plan on soaking in every single second of it.

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