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From the very beginning, our C has done things according to her own agenda. We've always known there was something different and special about her, and I feel like we're finally starting to come to a head in pinpointing what that "something different" actually is. She has quite a list of physical issues that we've dealt with in her eight years, including umbilical hernia, torticollis, apraxia of speech, scoliosis, duplex collection system of the kidneys, and a short eye muscle. She was also diagnosed with AD/HD at age six, but we've always felt that there was more to her behavioral issues than just that.

After talking to a few fellow moms of kids with "special needs," I decided to take her to a wonderful specialized therapist to try and sort it all out. After just two visits she was able to agree that yes, there is "something else" going on, and she told me all about Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). There is a lot more digging to do, but we're finally headed in a direction that could get her the help that she needs to be successful in life. While it's not fun to hear that your child could have PDD, Autism, Aspergers or the like, it's been even harder to watch her struggle in school and in life without knowing how to help her, guide her, or even when to accept something she does as out of her control versus something she needs to be corrected on or punished for. She's also always had issues with loud noises scaring her (I carry earplugs in my purse, for goodness sake) along with some other sensory issues, so we are also going to be looking into the possibility of Sensory Integration Disorder.

Today she had her first appointment with a brand new Pediatrician, whom we had to drive an hour to see, but as great as she was, I'd drive that every time! She spent 45 minutes with us, going over all of C's history. We left with two referrals (one to an OT to check into the SID and one to a Pediatric Behavioralist to confirm and narrow down the PDD diagnosis), and a smile on our faces. After that, we headed to her Orthopedist for an Xray in a cool, new (less radiation) machine and a good report that her brace is doing what we want it to. With her brace on, the curve today was 33 degrees, where as last time (6 months ago) WITHOUT the brace, it was 50 degrees. They do the Xray with and without her brace every other time to #1: confirm the brace is pushing the right things the right ways and #2: to learn how her curve is measuring without any correction. I was pretty happy leaving that appointment too, considering the last one we left seriously freaking out about possible growth rods and surgeries.

I'll admit it, there are days that being C's mom is seriously hard. I am not a patient person and I have a long way to go to learn how to be the mom that she needs and deserves, but I'm trying. I'm reading, studying, learning. Because as hard as it is to be her mom, I wouldn't have it any other way. She is an amazing girl with a big heart and I love her more than I could ever say.

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