A couple of weeks ago our family grew again -- just a little. Little as in 4 lbs. of kisses and fur! Meet Emme. She caught my eye on the Humane Society's Facebook page one Friday and by Saturday morning, she was ours!

Everyone loves her, MAYBE with the exception of Eli, who still isn't too thrilled about the idea of sharing his toys. However, we do find him playing and rolling around with her on occasion and I'm sure he'll be warming up to her really soon.

She's three months old and has spent the past two months with her sister being treated for a serious case of mange. She was in really bad shape when she was taken in by her foster mom as a stray, but has been taken really good care of and has recovered completely. Her sister was adopted at the same time by a sweet little ole lady. Emme's made herself at home really quickly and is such a good girl. She's a puppy of course and loves to explore and chew, and we're still working on getting her to actually tell us she needs to go out, but she's doing great. She's already growing and has grown really attached to all of us. There's nothing like her attacking me with full body wiggles and kisses when I get home from a long day at work!

Welcome to the family, Emme-lou!

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