Have I ever told you that I listen to a lot of books? That's right, listen. When I was working at my old job and commuting over an hour each way, I started checking audiobooks out of the library and listening on my drive. It turned out to be a really great way to do the reading (escaping to fictional places with fictional people) that I craved and fill my typically boring time in the car with something productive. I'm not picky about my reads, honestly. I have only returned one of these audiobooks without finishing it, and it was more about the annoying voice of the narrator than the story itself.

I have a habit of really immersing myself in the book that I'm currently consuming. I spend time thinking about the characters and their storyline throughout my days, as if they are truly people I know. This habit is worse with particular stories, especially if it's a series.

Today I finished this book that wasn't exactly one of my "suck you in" story lines, but I thought about it constantly nonetheless. It wasn't the characters or the plot or the setting (although all three of these were quite interesting), but this time it was the writing that grabbed me. The way she worded phrases, the uncommon words she chose were what made this story stand out in my mind. There was a magic to it. A flow to where it was beautiful, intelligent and classical, without using complicated language  or getting too "wordy".

Writing like this makes me want to write as well. It's an inspiration for me to sit down and put my random memories down in a collection that hopefully comes across at least a little eloquent. If this little idea of mine actually takes flight and lands somewhere half-way decent, I may share these tidbits with you. Until then, I will collect these memories as they come back to me and keep them all to myself.

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