Growing girls

This time of year between the girls' birthdays I like to do a little update on them. They both grow and change so quickly it seems impossible to get it all down. I don't want to forget a single little bit of these special years. Special in good ways and special in bad ways, but definitely special.

Let's start with K, our just-turned-eleven-year-old.
She is the very definition of pre-teen. She's happy, she's sad, she's bubbly, she's mouthy, she's aggravated, she's excited, she's selfish, she's considerate. And that's just in one morning! She and her dad really struggle to get on the same page some days. We all struggle to communicate and she struggles to be as responsible as she we think she should be capable. But at the same time, she makes us both so proud! She is so completely beautiful and smart and funny and talented. She gets all A's and B's in school and has really gotten into her extra-curriculars over the past year or two. Cheerleading for football last fall, piano lessons every week, girl scouts, show choir and hand chime choir all keep her (and us) pretty busy! It's amazing to watch her blossoming into a young lady and being interested in boys and talking about things in a more adult way. The teenage angst is going to be a handful for us on this one, I believe, but I'm sure we'll all survive somehow. As frustrating as it can be sometimes, I am so in love with this girl and the bond we share.

Favorite food: steak 
Least favorite food: ketchup
Favorite color: aqua blue 
Least favorite color: brown 
Favorite activity: piano, dancing, singing
Best friend: Morgan P 
Favorite school subject: Social Studies and Science
Favorite sport: swimming 
What do you want to be when you grow up? a singer 
Where's your favorite place to go? the pool
Favorite tv shows: Switched at Birth, The Fosters, The Wonder Years, Victorious
Bedtime: Bunny (always), watch youtube with mom - Tom & Giovanna Fletcher, Shaytards, McFly

A few things we love about her:
her smile, freckles and wit
the way she moves with feeling - always dancing, skipping around the house, store, anywhere!
she can be helpful to her sister when she thinks no one is looking
she usually asks before doing turning on the tv or getting a snack
she writes songs and is writing music to one of them with her piano teacher
our shared obsession with following a few select people we don't know on youtube
her passion for writing and reading
our shared love of movies (I've yet to find one that'll make her cry)

And then there is our little C-bug, the not-quite-but-almost-eight-year-old.
This girl does everything she does ALL IN. If she's happy, you know it! If she's upset, you better believe you'll know it. And she can swing from the one extreme to the other in a matter of one second flat. While she struggles with all sorts of medical and behavioral issues, and we are still seriously struggling with how to best deal with these ordeals, she is also the most loving and comforting soul I know. If I'm upset, she is the first one to come running to my rescue with kisses and the best hugs in the world. She's a serious cuddle-bug and loves to sit right up against me on the couch in the evenings at home. She loves taking care of someone and helping (when she's in the mood). But on the other hand, she doesn't listen well or follow directions without a ton of prodding if it's not her idea in the first place. We're in the process of finding her a new doctor to help with treating her ADHD without the meds (we stopped them a few months ago). Her scoliosis seems to be holding steady at 50 degrees for now, but we are due for another check-up on that, so we're praying that's still the case. They tested her this year for any learning disabilities and didn't test positive for any of them, so her troubles seem to be caused by the ADHD and the inability to focus on a subject at hand. She's continuing with ST at school and is now started with weekly OT as well. We are all struggling a bit trying to figure out what works best with her these days, but we know we'll get through it like everything else. She is such a sweet loving girl!

Favorite food: cherry tomatoes
Least favorite food: whipped cream
Favorite color: pink
Least favorite color: tan 
Favorite activity: Uno, cars, Barbies, baby dolls
Best friend: Autumn M
Favorite school subject: math
Favorite sport: soft ball & basketball
What do you want to be when you grow up? a basketball coach
Where's your favorite place to go? shopping
Favorite tv shows: Switched at Birth, The Fosters, Good Luck Charlie
Bedtime: Eagle, blue blankie (holding the "taggy"), watching "Shaytards" on youtube and cuddling til she's asleep (has to be mommy)

A few things we love about her:
the way her whole face lights up and she gets that crazy look in her eye when she's cracking up
her cuddly nature
her sense of humor
she kicks butt at Uno all the time!
she gives great foot rubs
the freckles on her button nose
the "happy accident" of her cutting her own hair this year, resulting in a super-cute short cut that totally fits her personality

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