You know...

…as I peddle my way through the days, I often think of something and think "hey, I should blog about that". I even started a little note on my phone with a list of blog subjects. Obviously, it is very rare that these thoughts ever make it out onto the interweb, and that makes me sad. I started this blog years ago in order to record my thoughts and events that have happened over the course of raising my little family. Sometimes I wonder what my own mom (or grandma for that matter) went through, worried about, enjoyed and felt as she raised her children, and I hope to provide that for my girls when they're older via this blog.

I know I've said this over and over, but I really do want to make an effort to blog more. I think what holds me back is that I'm worried about putting things out there in a way that someone would want to read or might enjoy. I think I've finally come to the realization that basically no one besides myself and a few random friends ever read my ramblings, so why should I care how it gets out there as long as it does, right? So, anywho… I will hopefully be back soon with more (truly) random (and likely boring) ramblings. Read along, if you're so inclined. All are welcome, none are expected.

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