Twenty thirteen.

I'm a little late, but I want to keep with my January tradition of a "year in review" post. So, in no particular order, here are the highlights and lowlights:
- k turned 10
- c turned 7
- I turned 33
- hubby turned 35
- we FINALLY moved into a home that we love!
- hubby's back continued to worsen and he's remained off work
- in May I was layed off from the company I worked for 12 years and was unemployed for two months
- I started at a great new job at the end of June
- c got a new brace for her scoliosis - with butterflies!
- k continues to do well in school, a's and b's- we're so proud!
- we tested and ruled out learning disabilities for c, however we expanded her IEP due to her ADHD (we stopped with medication and are trying to lessen sugar and artificial food dyes for her)
- my photo biz has picked up and I couldn't be more thankful!

And I'm sure there's lots more, but they don't come to mind at this late hour...

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