iPhone pics

I've been kind of a photographic slacker lately. I still love it, and I'm still inspired, but I don't carry my Canon around regularly anymore. The good news is that I am still capturing the little things with my phone. Thank goodness for iPhone's half-way decent photographic capabilities…

A selfie of me and my Mama on Thanksgiving Day. We picked up the feast from Bob Evans again this year, added our signature specialties and everything was awesome! 

We are finally all decorated up for Christmas. It's been fun figuring out where decorations should go in the new house. With the living room and family room that we have now, we decided to get a little tabletop tree for the front window in the living room and put our usual big one in the family room. 

We received our first real snow yesterday and the girls have had a bunch of fun playing in it, while I stayed snug under my blanket on the couch ;) There are a few perks of them growing up and becoming a little more independent after all! 

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