Thanksgiving Eve

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. The grocery shopping is done, the cranberry jello stuff is made and setting up in the fridge, the plans are made for tomorrow, the house is a mess, the little one is snug in her bed and her older sis is snuggled up beside me watching the Grinch Who Stole Christmas with her daddy (it happens to be his fav movie). And for all that, I am thankful… even the messy home that we are so lucky to have.

I haven't been good about keeping up with my "daily thankfuls" this November on Facebook as planned, so here they are, one and all :)

1- I am thankful for my best friend, who happens also to be my hubby.
2- I am thankful for my other best friend - the one person who would do absolutely anything for me without question, the best grandma I could ever ask for my kids, and someone I don't know what I'd ever do without.
3- I am so very thankful for my home - this place that I've looked forward to my whole life.
4- I am thankful to have been born in this great country. Regardless of how screwed up you may say things are here, compare that to growing up in a place of complete poverty, without food or clean water or shoes. We are blessed.
5- I am thankful for my quiet mommy hour on Tuesday nights while hubby and the girls go to basketball practice... Ahhhh...
6- I am thankful to live in a place where I can experience the beauty of all four seasons.
7- I am thankful that K has always and continues to have a love for reading. 
8- I am thankful for my pets. They are all such sweet creatures with individual personalities. We got lucky with this bunch!
9- that even with all the limitations C deals with, she is still able to participate (and thrive!) in sports!
10- I am thankful for the orders coming in now from the weddings I shot in May. If not for the blessing of them, I don't have any idea how we were going to give the girls a Christmas.
11- I am thankful for good friends and relaxing weekends away with them. Just what the doctor ordered!
12- I am so very thankful for every one of my loyal photo clients. Their appreciation of my work and trust in me to preserve such important memories means so much to me!
13- I am thankful for the BWC. This is an odd one, especially with the trouble it's given us over the years. However, without it, we would be in so much more of a financial strain then we're already having.
14- I am thankful for my whole (large and widespread) family. There's something special about being part of a huge extended family.
15- I am thankful for good music. There's nothing that can touch a soul like a special song.
16- I am thankful for food in my fridge, and in my belly.
17- I am thankful for warmth of a furnace on cold days.
18- I am thankful for movie nights with my girlies.
19- I am thankful for good humor.
20- I am thankful for my reliable car. Far from perfect, it gets me around, keeps me warm (heated seats!) and keeps my family safe.
21- I am thankful for K's love of the arts, music, dance, writing and her brilliant creative mind!
22- I am thankful for C's tender side. On the days when I think I just can't take another second of her strong willed obstinance, the sweet side shows her face and I just want to hold her forever.
23- I am thankful for the internet. Yes, we survived without it, but think of all the good it does, including keeping friends in touch with each other's lives.
24- I am thankful that I am a mommy. As hard as it is, every moment is worth it to have had the privilege of bringing these beautiful people into the world and watching them grow.
25- I am thankful for my girls' senses of humor. They both love to laugh and make people laugh!
26- I am thankful for the library - sounds silly, but there really IS still something you can do for free that is actually entertaining and healthy!
27- I am thankful for a job that I actually enjoy most of the time.

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