At long last

After years and years of trying to find my way "home", I feel like I've finally made it! It was a tumultuous path, full of ups and downs (and back and forths!) but as I've always believed, everything happens for a reason. Our new home is (at least part of) the reason. We are three weeks in, getting settled and will be for a while, but it is already home.

Don't get me wrong, there is a lot I will miss about our former home, but I realize now that the majority of what I liked about that house was the moments that it held inside it's walls. Every nook and cranny of that place holds a memory. We bought the place over 12 years ago. Newlyweds with not even enough to fill the space, it was perfect for us at the time. Over the years we filled it with love, arguments, laughs, tears, heartbreaks, indescribable joys and fears, along with two beautiful children and several pets and everything that comes with them. We filled it so, that we were bursting at the seams, in fact!

Our new home is beautiful. Character and charm tucked into all the little spaces, and it's slowly gathering the comfortable feel of our family (and yes, that includes piles of toys, books and shoes). We have of course begun to fill it with memories, but now I can see the future within it's walls as well. The girls will grow up in this place. They will be teenagers and go on first dates from this place. These rooms will feel empty when they go off to college. Perhaps I will even dress them in their wedding gowns here. These possibilities make me fall in love with it all the more.

The day we moved in:

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