Feeling off-center


C's scoliosis is weighing heavy on my mind these days. Her regular appointment with the orthopedic doctor yesterday didn't go so well. Her curvature is now at 50 degrees. At this point, they are starting to look into extreme measures of treatment, and they all pretty much scare the crap out of me. The worst of these is the possibility of growth rods. They would put brackets at the top and bottom of her spine with a rod connecting, holding her more straight as she grows. This would also require her to go in for surgery every six months to have the rods lengthened as she grows taller. This would go on for a few years until she is about 11 or 12. At that point they would want to do a full fusion of her spine. I can't even imagine putting my not even seven year old babygirl through all of this! Please say a little prayer. We need a miracle!

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