Six months of silence

Boy, this year has flown by! I cannot believe that it's been over six months since I've written in this space. Obviously, I've been busy. And when I say busy, I mean BUSY!

The summer flew by with tons of photo sessions, a couple of weddings, working like crazy, kids growing like weeds, and who knows what else. Before I knew it, the leaves were all gone from the trees and we were carving the turkey!

This year has brought us some tough moments, including saying goodbye to our old girl, Cricket. She was a wonderful part of our lives for just over 13 years. No one could ask for a better dog. She was the smartest, sweetest girl and loved all of us totally unconditionally. She was getting up there in age and was obviously suffering from painful arthritis, cataracts, hearing problems and who knows what else. She was there as we planned our wedding, we missed her during our honeymoon, she comforted us through some of the hardest things we've ever endured, helped us welcome our girls and other furry friends into our home and we all love and miss her very much. RIP Cricket "Boo-bah". Always in our hearts...

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