So when do the "pre-teen" years begin, anyway? She is nine, but I swear nine-year-olds of now equal more like the twelve-year-olds of my time...

Friend drama is creeping in and the mood swings are flying high (and low). K is such a sensitive soul. She has been a bystander to all that we have been through with her sister this year, and as hard as I try to make up for it, it has been hard for her. I know that it's not that she doesn't feel for her sister, but driven more by the "what about me?"

So last Saturday we had a date, just the two of us. Lunch out together and laughing beside each other in a dark movie theater was exactly what both of us needed. I just wish there was enough time in life to do things like this regularly. She so deserves it.

This year she has totally blown us away with her growth and knowledge. She is such a funny, smart and beautiful person. Watching her struggle with friends and relationships and the beginnings of finding out who she is makes my heart ache. I can't wait to see who she turns out to be -- but not too quickly! I'm not quite ready to give up my little girl just yet.


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