She continues to amaze us

The surgery has come and gone, and C is recovering better and faster than we ever expected, thank goodness!

We arrived at the Ronald McDonald House across the street from Children's Hospital the evening before surgery on January 30th. We were so very fortunate to have the use of such an awesome home away from home since it was an hour drive for us. We were scheduled to arrive at the hospital at 6:30am the next morning, so all of us stayed together at the RMH and got up bright and early for the short walk across the street to check in for surgery.

C didn't really seem all the nervous about the whole thing until it was time to take off her clothes and put on the hospital garb. Then leaving her side as we had to separate in the hall for her to be pushed into surgery was hard or all of us. The staff were all SO awesome and went out of their way to make all of us comfortable and at ease.

Once in the waiting room, we were in for 4 hours of time to kill. But before we knew it, the nurse called us to let us know it was over, she was taking her time waking up, but everything went perfectly! The doc came out to talk to us as well, and we all got anxious to see her. Once assigned a room, we had to go there and wait for her to be brought from recovery to the room to see her. She was so very groggy, but the first thing I heard was her cries for me. "I'm right here baby", and she calmed right down. She needed to stay flat in bed for 24 hours and we thought it would be impossible. This girl can't stay still for five minutes... However, she did AWESOME! We had prepped her about it beforehand, and as sleepy as she was on top of the fact that it probably hurt to move much, she didn't really fight us on it at all. She gradually woke up and was able to start sipping liquids through a straw. By that night, she was eating soft foods and in a fairly decent mood. The biggest issue was when she discovered the catheter and the fact that her underwear were missing...


24 hours after surgery, she was able to start sitting up gradually, working her way to be able to eat more solid foods and finally (!) got that cath out so she could be carried to the bathroom and get a sponge bath from her mama :) By evening, she was ready to take a little walk. They decided to move us to a different floor with a bigger room since she was scheduled to go home the following day and they needed the space.


Once she was up and moving around, it was hard to keep her down! At one point, we even had to lay her flat again for the night because she was starting to swell a little at the incision area. By morning she was awesome though and got the clear to go home from the doctor. Too bad they told us this first thing in the morning and we didn't actually get our discharge papers until 3:30pm! Typical for hospitals, I guess. We just made our laps around the halls of the floor and she climbed the walls of her room until then...


Since coming home, she has done really great. "Back to rotten" is how I'd describe it ;) She has amazed us how quickly she's recovering. A week and a day post surgery now and she is running around like normal and returned to school yesterday. She gets a break from her brace until she goes for her follow-up, so hopefully we don't have too much trouble getting her back into it then. It was kind of funny the night before surgery. We let her leave her brace at home and she had trouble sleeping - not because of the upcoming surgery, but because she missed her brace!

I am so thankful that everything we according to plan and I pray that the surgery will (at least in some way) help to slow the progression of her scoliosis... I guess we will never truly know for sure.

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LIza said...

I'm certainly glad that the surgery went well and that's she's back to normal. Hope things continue to go as smoothly as the surgery.