Farewell sweet Petey

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Last Spring our family gained a new little friend. He showed up out of the blue, as a sweet, skinney tomcat, rubbing all over our legs and begging to be petted and picked up. We fed him, of course. We're suckers like that. And (of course) he stuck around. We began to call him Petey.

The girls loved that every time we were outside, we could just call out for Petey and he'd come running our way, ready for a good scratching :) Over time, he sort of became the neighborhood pet, visiting the neighbors and us whenever we were out and about. They even made a nice little house for him and over the autumn months he gained weight and appeared to become a permanent fixture in our neighborhood.

Sadly though, he went to visit our neighbor the other day with an injured back leg. Lucky enough, she works at a vet and took him in to get checked out. There, they did bloodwork and discovered that Petey was sick with feline leukemia. It was time to say goodbye.

We will never forget Petey and I'm sure it will be a while before I stop looking for him whenever I go outside. He was such a sweet little guy, always up for some attention and lovin. I guess C said it best, "I will miss Petey, but when I die and go up heaven, I'll get to see him again." I'm sure all we'll have to do it call for him...

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Jenna Kirkum said...

That's my favorite name...Petey. O sweet, sweet, find your sleep...find your peace...

Anonymous said...

:*( That's so sad... TK