2011 in review

As is my tradition, it is once again time to think about the year past and focus on the highlights.

Twenty-eleven was an interesting year in many ways. Entirely too many negative aspects, but just enough positive to keep us all afloat. Hubby hasn't been able to work all year with his back pain becoming more and more a prominent aspect of all of our lives. We try our best to focus on the positives, but this daily reminder has made that more of a challenge then usual. He has started massage and aqua-therapy and has finally found a doctor that really seems to care.

K has grown so much over the past year, and not just physically but also as a person. It amazes me to watch her begin to see the world in a more mature way. Her jokes are actually funny now and she is obviously picking up on her parent's sarcastic nature ;) She does awesome in school and seems much more "preteen" than "child" these days, attitude and all. She loves cheerleading, dancing, swimming, singing, reading and can hoola-hoop longer then anyone I've ever seen.

C has had one heck of a year. Between medical issues and adjusting to kindergarten, it's been kind of rough. With all of that said, she has totally amazed us with how well she is doing with everything she has to deal with on a daily basis. After the early behavior issues during the school year, she seems to have come into her own lately and we can truly see her developing into a more thoughtful friend and classmate. She has definitely inherited a combination of both of our stubbornness, but when someone is hurt or upset, she is the first one there offering help, hugs and kisses. Her heart is bigger than the rest of her.

My year has been a struggle, but has had some definite highlights. I am still commuting a hour each way to work, four days per week. On top of my regular job, this year I have begun a little side-business - Angilouie Photography. It has been such a wonderful outlet for me. Even with as much work as it's added, I love it. There are definitely days when I wish there were either more hours in the day or more me's to go around, but it has been worth it.

Highlights of 2011:
- K turned 8.
- K had her first season cheerleading.
- C turned 5.
- C was diagnosed with Scoliosis.
- Hubby and I celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary.
- I turned 31 - yikes!
- K had her First Communion.
- Angilouie Photography was born.
- C graduated from Preschool.
- We took a weekend family trip to Indianapolis Children's Museum and Zoo.
- C had an MRI.
- Hubby and I took a trip to Port Clinton & Put-In-Bay.
- K started 3rd grade & C started Kindergarten.
- C started wearing her first TLSO brace.
- C got glasses.
- Hubby turned 33.


Here's to a twenty-twelve full of happy surprises and healthy lives for us all!

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