Memories of another Christmas past.

Christmas has found itsself a comfy place in our family. Over the years together, we seem to have formed our set of traditions. It's nice.

A new tradition as of this year was the visitor that Santa sent to spend the week before Christmas with us and report back our behavior to the big man himself. Oddly enough, we never came up with a name for our "Elf on a Shelf", but he sure was a highlight of the season. C woke every single morning excited to go look and see where the little guy had perched himself for his day of observation. He moved around every night and seemed to like to find precarious places up high where no one could get a very good look at him.

Complete with a gathering at our house on the Eve of Christmas Eve, time all together on Christmas Eve, wrapping and unwrapping, gatherings at Mom's and other family parties, we are pretty much Christmas'ed out... as enjoyable as it was.

Happy Christmas everyone, oh and of course - Happy Birthday Jesus!

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