Around the yard

Most Wednesdays I am lucky enough to have off of work. With both girls in school now and hubby not working, it is the perfect opportunity for us to get things done and spend some quality time together. However, days like today happen more often than not...

Crawling back into bed after getting the girls up and dropping them off at school was meant to be a quick catnap. When hubby returned home from his appointment at 11:30, there I was, still drooling on my pillow! So much for everything I had planned to accomplish today.

Rather, we had lunch, wasted time on the computer and playstation, then piddled around in the yard with the camera for a bit before it was time to go pick up the girlies. It was nice. Unfortunately, the pile of laundry remains, grass is nearly up to our eyeballs and I never even took a shower.


And so, as is tradition (albeit a late start this year), today I am thankful for regular days off with my hubby during the week.

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