So busy. Hardly any time to breath. So here's a taste, just to keep you interested (hopefully):

- C got her brace - doing surprisingly well with it
- Hubby decided to try for disability again - cross your fingers!
- C needs glasses and a patch 2 hours a day - picking up glasses this week
- Angilouie Photography has really taken off! FIVE shoots scheduled over the next week :)
- K was Hermoine for "dress like your favorite book character" day at school and will be for Halloween as well
- C has decided on Minnie Mouse for Halloween
- Our pup Eli wanted to dress up too and will be a firefighter
- I went on a short vaca with my girlfriends to Myrtle Beach last week (more on that later)
- My house is a complete mess and the yard is a foot tall
- Today the high is only 52 degrees - Fall is officially here
- Today we are making Chili and probably painting pumpkins
- I've decided I really need to find a new job closer to home. Really.

Can you say OVERWHELMED?

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