There she grows...

When C was born, I swore to myself that I wasn't going to let her feel the sting of "second childism"... I am a bad, bad mom. Or maybe I should have known better than to swear to the impossible. Anyway, unlike with her big sis (who got a dedicated blog post the night before kindergarten and a full report of the first day), I am two weeks behind on hers...

C was different from her sister right from the very beginning. My "morning" sickness was all in the evening and night rather than the early morning hours. She was super shy during our 20 week ultrasound and made us wait another 10 weeks to know she was actually a girl afterall (where as her sister preferred to sit spread-eagle in there! lol)

It's such an odd thing to sit down and schedule a birthday for your child. My doctor had recommended a scheduled cesarean this time, and who was I to argue? Walking into the hospital feeling completely fine, knowing I'd have a new baby within a couple of hours is totally surreal.

When C was born and I heard the single squeak telling me she had arrived, my eyes overflowed and like magic I learned what it felt like for a heart to grow to make room for another little person. The doctor held her above the drape for me to see and all I could see were her bright red chipmunk cheeks!

The first weeks and months home with her were so much easier than before. I knew what I was doing this time (well, more than the first time anyway). Big Sis was as far from the jealous child I had expected. Our family finally felt like it was complete.

It didn't take long for C's true personality to begin to shine through. She was ornery. She was fearless. And she wanted what she wanted - and now.

We soon learned that she was to be watched like a hawk. She could and would get into anything. She would find (and try to eat) so much more than K ever did. We also learned that she is so affectionate and loving and while her temper and independence grew, so did her bond with each of us lucky enough to be in her family.

While she was a big-time Mama's girl, she also wanted to do things "all by herself" and was a bit of a tom-boy, preferring cars and balls to the more frilly toys.

She looks up to her sister and strives to be as much like her as she can. That's when the dolls and dresses came in. She wanted to be like her girly sister, but she's always pulled back to her personal favorites like football with Daddy and crashing matchbox cars and tumbling block towers.

She learned how to be sweet, but only when she felt like it. She's a cuddle-bug and loves the tag on the blue receiving blanket she's slept with since she was a baby. And she is beautiful. What can I say? Hubby and I make beautiful children.

She has come so far already and will have so many more challenges over the next few years... but I have no concern whatsoever that she will take them on and eventually win.

Our babygirl... How did she get to this point already? Five years old, learning the ropes of kindergarten. Wow.

So far she's doing pretty good. I have gotten the comment from her the teacher that "she doesn't seem to think the rules apply to her..." Which is honestly typical C. I hope the teacher has better luck making those rules stick than we ever have.

We're pretty darned proud of you, honey.

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Roof said...

So sweet Ang!,Love the progression of pics!