Playing pretend


Sometimes, late at night when I'm in that moment right between wakefulness and sleep, I like to play pretend. In that moment, all is right in my world. There are no chores to be done, there are no bills to figure out how to pay, nothing to worry about ...and pure bliss ensues. I step into this life how I always imagined it would be. A well paying job that I love, a content and fullfilled husband, healthy and happy children, that dream home I've always envisioned, perfect health, lots of friends, absolutely not a care in the world. As impossible as this all sounds, the dream of it tends to put me at ease. That is, until Hubby rolls over in his sleep beside me with a painful moan, or a child screams out in the night and refuses to let me go back to bed because she misses being with me all the time. Reality always returns, but what else is there to do besides embrace it (or at least deal with it). My life isn't all bad. I know that. In fact, many of the details in my "pretend" life are a mirror image of reality. My girls are my girls (they just happen to behave like perfect angels and both are 100% healthy), my hubby is my hubby (he just happens to be pain-free, loving life and as much of a free spirit as he use to be), my job is my job (except it's 10 minutes down the road and pays twice as much ;o). You get the idea.

Live life, love life, be brave. - my personal goals. Some are easier than others, depending on the day. In my "pretend" moment, all three are perfectly fulfilled.


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