Our girl

She is such a beautiful soul. Sure, like any eight-year-old she sometimes needs reminded to be thoughtful, she has the beginnings of the pre-teen attitude and she has a bit of a temper, but I couldn't ask for anything more from her. She is our girl.

K just finished up 2nd grade with all A's and B's.
She's reading picture-less chapter books without us.
She's still holding tight to her Bunny every night in bed.
She is fascinated with performing in just about any form.
She is a fantastic dancer for the minimal formal training she's had. She's a natural.
She doesn't seem to notice that her hair is always in her face.
She's beautiful.
She is very sensitive to what people think of her - especially her Daddy.
She loves movies.
She dances for hours alone in her room to Taylor Swift.
She makes up her own songs and writes them down.
She has my father's eyes.
She has her mama's freckles and thick hair.
She has her daddy's ears and chin.
She still fits perfectly in the crook of my arm.
She loves dressing up, especially in high heels.
She doesn't like her hair put up.
She loves pb&j - with strawberry jelly.
She's very easily embarrassed.
She is an animal lover.
She has a crush on Edward Cullen.
She prefers green apples.
She eats her hot dogs and salads plain.
She loves her sister but gets frustrated easily with her.
She loves to be told stories.

She is perfect. She is ours.

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