My baby

This month has been unbelievable.


There is so much I could say, but for now I will focus on one element -- my baby. Well, I suppose she isn't much of a baby anymore. She's five, she's growing like a weed and as of two nights ago she's a preschool graduate! With kindergarten now laying ahead in the all-too-near future, I can't help but think of the challenges my girl will have to endure. Sure, she will have the normal "starting kindergarten" stress and adjustments to make - although she seems nothing but excited about it. But there is much more in for forefront of my mind these days...

At her annual checkup a while back, the pediatrician found that she had a bit of scoliosis (like her mother...). They sent her for x-rays and measured her scoliosis at 22º, referring her to an orthopedic surgeon at the Children's Hospital. Having gone through this same thing when I was young and the fact that they decided to simply "watch" mine, I wasn't all that worried about the appointment. By the time we left, however, my heart was in my throat. They re-did the x-rays and found it to actually be 29º -- much worse. They scheduled an MRI for July (which she will need to be sedated for) and what they find there will decide where we go from there. Looks like she may need to wear a brace. They are also looking for a possible brain herniation into the spinal column that could be causing the scoliosis...

So, column A) a hard, plastic brace from her armpits to her hips to be worn 23.5 hours a day until she is about 14 years old and possible spinal surgery in the future -- or B) referral to a neurosurgeon and "brain" surgery... God help my baby girl. She so doesn't deserve this!

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