C has been a handfull all weekend, especially in public. Aside from the usual tantrums and the fact that she is VERY rarely in the mood to listen to anything I say, she always somehow finds a way to crack me up. We are in church this morning. She is clinging as usual and insisting upon me holding her - mind you, she is FIVE and nearly 50 lbs... But I was willing for a bit, just to keep her happy. We sat up close, so she could see. It really seems to help. This morning, she was quite interested and every time she lost site of the priest, she'd turn to me and ask "where's God?" It took me a moment to realize that she was referring to the priest. Each time she asked this question, I would whisper to her that he was not God, he was "Father". The next time she said "Where did God go? Ooops, I mean Jesus. Where did Jesus go?" The whispered corrections continued and I promised myself I must have a discussion with her soon about this. Apparently she is quite confused!

At lunch a bit later, she is insisting to fill her own plate at the salad bar. I followed closely behind, closely surveying her every move. She did great! So, later when she and I headed back up for seconds, I didn't feel I needed to supervise. I turn my head just long enough to dish myself some fruit, only to look up to find she has an entire soup bowl filled to the brim with cherry tomatoes - topped with shredded cheese! "No, no, no!" I practically shout through the glass of the salad bar, and then I started cracking up. Silly girl. Loves her tomatoes, what can I say? And come to find out, she was getting enough to "share".

K seems so stinking grown up to me anymore. Well, sometimes. She struts around like a miniature teenage know-it-all most of the time. She has crushes, she has all the girlfriend drama, and she's already caring too much what other people think of her. Then there are the mood swings. Already. But on the other hand, she is still my babygirl. She still considers her Bunny her very best friend, she cries and gets her feelings hurt in the blink of an eye, and she still has so many of the same fears and insecurities that she had at her sister's age. Who knew eight years old could be so complicated...

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